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(Sunday, January 3 2010)

New Year (85) This is to let you know to look forward to an update soon! Sorry for the delay!

(Tuesday, November 3 2009)

Where did October go? (84) After dinner tonight I asked Clint to wrestle with Mak so she could burn out one of her nitrogen tanks that she has attached to her back. Seriously "Fast and the Furious" can not ...more

(Saturday, September 26 2009)

Magically Awaiting (83) I remember starting the countdown with Mak 30 days ago, till we go to Disney World! Now the countdown is at its end and we leave tomorrow! We have been prepping Mak for the characters so she ...more

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    Name: - Makenzie
    Birthdate: - Monday, February 27 2006
    Age: - 12 years, 3 months, 22 days
  • Weight: 33 lbs.
  • Favorite Foods: any fruit, burgers, yogurt, and steak
  • Mak happenin''s: Meeting Nana in Florida!
  • Newest word: Just one minute, mmmm let me think about it (and rubs her chin)
  • Latest Loves: Soccer with her friend Lilly and Coach Greg
  • Today''s Toys: Puzzles, anything with wheels
  • Something Smart: She is always concerned how people are doing! She is so darn sweet.

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Rachael (Friday, November 7 2008)

MACK you are an amazing little girl! You are besides my girls the most beautiful little girl I know! You are SO big and I am so thankful to have been a part of your life up til ...more

Bobbi (Thursday, October 9 2008)

Those new pics are really good. Love the one with the wrinkled nose and the stinky ponies. So cute!

Jinger (Thursday, September 11 2008)

I bet Mrs. Charlotte loves Mak, how can you not? She is an absolute scream in her rain gear. I bet you and Clint are howling at the moon over her all the time!

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